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PLEASE NOTE: The URLs of FinnWordNet demos and file downloads have changed, and the current URLs are not necessarily final. The demos and file downloads were not available between March and June 2018. Some demos still do not work, and the feedback form is unavailable. We aplogize for the situation. (Updated 2018-07-03.)

FinnWordNet: Demos

FinnWordNet data can be seen in three different demos: a search interface, thesauri and translation dictionaries encoded as HFST transducers, and the visualization interface WordTies.

The current version of the FinnWordNet database can be accessed using a search interface.

In order to assess and develop the content of FinnWordNet, the search interface asks the user to rate the synonymy of a randomly chosen synonym pair in FinnWordNet before the first search. The search interface also allows similar rating of synonymy. FinnWordNet is work in progress, and we would be grateful for any feedback.

Dictionaries as HFST transducers

The FinnWordNet content has been encoded in various HFST finite-state transducers working as thesauri and translation dictionaries:

The transducers used in the demo are also available for download.

WordTies browser

WordTies is a multilingual wordnet browser or visualization interface developed in the EU project META-NORD, based on the Andre Ord browser for the Danish DanNet. It visualizes concept hierarchies and relations between concepts (synonym sets) (but not lexical relations such as antonymy). WordTies also links 1000 common concepts in FinnWordNet to concepts in the Danish, Estonian and Swedish wordnets.

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